The Power of Three


Stunning, yes, but let's get real. I believe in the power of just three.

KISS principle applies....Keep It Simple Stupid! These three bracelets relate thematically in both style and color. Can you add more? Sure, but you can also stop at three for a great look.


These three work well together because they are related in color tone. Variety of style is just fine as long as the colors blend.


Variety of color works well together as long as the styles are related. Notice the Power of Three!


Here are our Hallie bracelets for summer. They are available in countless colors. They relate by style. Which three would you choose? Following our guide, you could also choose one and mix it with other bracelets in a thematic color scheme. For example the turquoise Hallie would look fabulous with a silver bracelet to play on the silver closure and a turquoise beaded bracelet. 


Our Ronen bracelets are another stackable option. You could pick three or you could mix the fuchsia Ronen with the fuchsia Hallie and add a silver bracelet in between for another boho chic look. Just remember the Power of Three!

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Posted on April 19, 2015 .