Fall Fashion Cues

Fall is just around the corner. When the temperatures begin to drop, will you be fashion ready? 

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This photo from www.matchesfashion.com tells a great deal about what's trending. Notice the minimalist neutrals with maximalist styling. Ruffles rule this season. White is right for fall.....notice the Prada handbag. Linear earrings are key... they may or may not be matching pairs. And finally, pair neutrals with metallics. Be sure to note the pointed toe kitten heeled shoes.

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Our friends at FORWARD by Elyse Walker post daily photos of trends from Southern California. Here they tout the importance of velvet, not only in handbags like this one from YSL, but also pant suits which are having a major moment for fall.

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Be sure to visit Elyse Walker's website, www.FWRD.com to see the latest in the Nouveau Bohemian trend as shown here. Major sculptural earrings are trending as are dark florals and unique styles of black leather pieces to layer.

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I recommend subscribing to www.thezoereport.com by Rachel Zoe for fashion info. Did you know that crochet is having a significant rebirth? Here we see it as embellishment for handbags, but it has again become popular for sweaters. Yes, just like the ones of the 60's and 70's. At Myrna Halpern Jewelry we just introduced hand crocheted, one of a kind short necklaces and they have enjoyed instant success.

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Who but Rachel Zoe would have thought to show the elevated graphic T shirt soaring to new heights? Here it is on Reese Weatherspoon as an example of how to update any old graphic tee with the addition of stilettos and a top handled handbag. Of course those cats eyed sunnies definitely add some extra zest to this ensemble.


One of our biggest sellers for fall are our long necklaces featuring organic materials like our Zane necklaces pictured above, Made from slices of water buffalo horn that are chain linked, they are long enough to double and they add the perfect finish to the current laid back luxe look for fall.

Posted on August 22, 2017 .