New York, New York

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Take a peek out the window with me and see if you can guess my lunch spot on the day I arrived in the Big Apple. It was a very quick weekend trip with lots to do and lots to see.


Day 1  found me dashing here and there to select new gemstones and supplies. These sparkling gems will be part of the Spring 2018 collection now beginning production. 


Day 2 included a visit to SOLA Showroom in Chelsea. SOLA is my NY sales representative. They display and sell Myrna Halpern Jewelry to the buyers representing retail stores from all over the country and beyond.


Perfect timing.... I was available for a quick selfie with the buyers from Boutique To  Go meeting with my sales rep Janet.


Day 3 included a trip to the trade show Coterie to see Spring 2018 fashions. This helped to crystallize my own production plans for my next collection. As you can see, the clothes were frothy and feminine as evidenced by this snapshot from Margaret O'Leary.

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I especially liked Tonet, an Italian collection new to the US market. They were exhibiting their spring's finest and it really took my eye. I loved the easy tailoring with feminine touches. It was a quick trip...... about 50 or so hours from touch down to take off again, but I did come back a little wiser than when I left!

Posted on September 24, 2017 .