Our Signature Style

Another jewelry designer once shared an important concept with me. She advised me to be sure that my jewelry was identifiable. 


So aside from our "Myrna" tags which definitely help brand our product, what else helps one to know that these necklaces are by Myrna Halpern? My answer would have to be our hand woven beading. Here it used above the horn pendant and as a cap for the suede tassel.


There's no question here. Our new Darren cuff literally screams our brand name! While others use this beading technique, we uniquely use gemstones rather than glass or plastic.


Our wrapped hoops for spring/summer 2018 (we named them Lilli) are a new spin on the hand woven beading technique.


Went back in the archives to find this necklace from 2014 with another take on our signature beading.


If you bought these a number of years ago, I bet you still wear them!


Had to go all the way back to 2009 to find this photo. What a timeless example of our signature style!

Posted on January 27, 2018 .