Handmade artisan jewelry with pave diamonds, semiprecious gemstones and freshwater pearls.

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"I strive for my jewelry to be timeless curiosities worthy of collecting."

Myrna Halpern

Myrna Halpern’s path to jewelry design can best be described as the road less taken. After pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, designer Myrna Halpern went on to become an award winning teacher and curriculum writer in the field of gifted education. Using the “out of the box’ thinking skills that she had often taught her students, she began repurposing her own collection of vintage jewelry, and heads began to turn. Serendipitously, a new path began to unfold.

Halpern named her company The Montage Collection. Like a montage, each piece is an artistic composite. “I strive for my jewelry to be timeless curiosities worthy of collecting,” she notes. Since 2001, Montage Collection Jewelry has been collected by savvy shoppers all over the world.

The story behind her designs is really all about a curious and observant world traveler who draws inspiration from the beauty she discovers on her journeys. The iron work on a bridge in Paris sparks an idea for a pendant. The colors of a sunset over the Olympic Mountains ignite a plan for a new color scheme. Based both in the Southern United States and the Pacific Northwest, she describes her style as Southern charm fused with Northwest sensibility. Her designs possess a subtle quirkiness and reflect her gift for synthesizing unexpected elements.

Within the soul of Myrna Halpern Jewelry is a commitment to nurture the earth and support charitable causes. By using recycled vintage components she recognizes the importance of eco friendly designs. In 2012 the online Lexie Collection was launched and a portion of the proceeds from those sales help support Pancreatic Cancer Research, a cause dear to her heart.